Solar Eclipse

Solar Eclipse

by Pil Hee

“You want me to pretend to be the prince’s lover? This sounds like an easy payday!” Lai is a man who’s known to solve any problem for cash in the underworld, and he has been commissioned by Edwin, head of the noble Theodore family, for a secret mission. He needs Lai to stand in for his missing brother, Ellen; thankfully, the two are nearly identical. The aristocracy is rife with rumors about Ellen’s love affair with Prince Hector. Lai, now living as “Ellen” in the royal palace, is subjected to harsh treatment and repeated bullying. Where the hell is the real Ellen? What secrets lurk beneath the relationship between the crown prince and his paramour?


Do not share these chapters or screenshots / translations from them with anyone or anywhere. If you distribute the chapters we will lock all future releases. Don’t help aggregators profit. (# ̄0 ̄) The owners of Mangago alone make $300,000-$360,000 a month illegally through ad revenue and data brokering by stealing content and income from creators. Support Pil Hee by purchasing the chapters from the link below! (¯ ³¯)♡


Cumming soon


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34 thoughts on “Solar Eclipse

  1. omg I just discovered this website today and THIS IS PURE GENIUS.
    Great update by the way, and I need more smutty scenes between all of those hot guys, siblings or not. (wut, theres no limits here, right?!)

  2. found my favourite scanlation group 😳 this website is AMAZING. i feel bad for lai though, pls don’t hurt the boy 😔

  3. first of all, this website rocks also im in love with this translation group’s taste in comics 😳

  4. Edwin? do you love your brotherr? or maybe your brother allen loved you and you couldnt love him back because you re brothers? i wanna know. i am little confused by the scene where fake allen thinks of the prince an masturbates. did they sleep together? when?


  6. Not going to lie am getting massive Valentino vibes from Edwin and Lai is just giving me Angel Dust Vibes

  7. The three of them are freaking attractive and I have a huge crush on our MC’s personality.

    Edwin was hella hot too and the Prince sounds adorable. What am I gonna do? My easy ass wants everyone. I’m worried about the og Allen tho and I wonder if this will be a tragedy. 🥺🤧🙏

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