Over Squall

Over Squall

by Ueda Aki

Brooding alone in a nearby park, Natsurou’s only companions were his regrets and painful memories of love… until a voice rang out to rouse him from his trance. The owner of the voice was the stranger Tsuyuhiko—a boy who bore a striking resemblance to his former lover. The intriguing youth took pity on the forlorn Natsurou, and he found himself responding to Tsuyuhiko’s coaxing without a fight. Following him home, Natsurou allowed himself to be swept up and drowned in pleasure, taking the stranger’s offer to use him as a substitute and embrace him as if he was his former lover. Though their tryst was only meant to be for a single night, Tsuyuhiko gave him an innocent smile and made a promise to meet again—Natsurou realized something changed inside him. However, it appears his young paramour has some worrisome tendencies… A heartbroken civil servant and a soft boy with troubling propensities. This “how to love” romance will slowly teach them about love and affection.

Do not share these chapters or screenshots / translations from them with anyone or anywhere. If you distribute the chapters we will lock all future releases. Don’t help aggregators profit. (# ̄0 ̄) The owners of Mangago alone make $300,000-$360,000 a month illegally through ad revenue and data brokering by stealing content and income from creators. Links to purchase the original mangas are available below. Support the authors! (¯ ³¯)♡


Cumming soon

Cmoa Ebook Hardcopy

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3 thoughts on “Over Squall

  1. I just ordered this manga because I need to know what’s gonna happen next… Urghhh I’m so impatient 😂

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