Melancholy Wednesday

Melancholy Wednesday

by Kuroquis

“Wanna eat breakfast before? Or afterward?”
“I’ll eat first.” It’s Wednesday morning – a precious time where two guys can relax together. Memories of last night become a smoldering heat between them, and they drag it out once again, devouring each other. On those sex-filled Wednesdays, for some reason, Tsukishima is feeling melancholic. Why might that be…? Yes, it’s yet another KuroTsuki story filled with lots of sex and fluff.♡ Please enjoy seeing these two spend some wonderful, brain-melting quality time together!

Do not share/reupload/distribute this doujin or screenshots/translations from it with anyone or anywhere. If you distribute it we will lock all future releases.


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Show Kuroquis your love and support by purchasing a copy from the link above. If you need any help, cum inside Daddy’s Dickord for a guide! ♡ ~(‘▽^人)

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