Hydrangea Cage

Hydrangea Cage

by Sawada Akuta

Leading a life without any inconveniences, the prominent Amamiya household’s heir, Amamiya Ujou, is jaded and dissatisfied. One day, his uncle’s illegitimate son, Yohira, appears before him. Fearing the son might kindle a predicament in the future, Ujou decides to preemptively take care of it. Having been found wan and frail in the slums, Yohira is to be sent to an orphanage. However, fascinated by the boy’s subtle allure, Ujou brings him back to his mansion. Tonight he’s going to… Examine his body? Sensual and stirring, this is the turbulent love story of a master and his servant!

Do not share these chapters or screenshots / translations from them with anyone or anywhere. If you distribute the chapters we will lock all future releases. Don’t help aggregators profit. (# ̄0 ̄) The owners of Mangago alone make $300,000-$360,000 a month illegally through ad revenue and data brokering by stealing content and income from creators. Links to purchase the original mangas are available below. Support the authors! (¯ ³¯)♡


Cmoa Ebook Hardcopy

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