Dear Gene

Dear Gene

by Azuma Kaya

While vacationing at his uncle’s NYC home, Gene stumbles across an old journal. Inside, he discovers his uncle’s past with a man of the same name: 1973 – Trevor Edwards has finally made it as a New York lawyer. His success is put in jeopardy when he loses an envelope containing confidential work documents. Thankfully, his guardian angel arrives—Gene, a young homeless man, found the letter and searched high and low to return it to him. Seeing his shabby state and unable to leave his savior in the cold, Trevor offers Gene a job as a live-in housekeeper. This is the story of a beautiful amish youth and a gay lawyer living together in the heart of New York City.


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37 thoughts on “Dear Gene

  1. This is one heck of a beautiful manga. The manga never disappoints me. The feelings of nostalgia were beautiful.

  2. i want to buy the raws is this work completed already?? the conversation between gene and the ex fiancee was so sadd:(

  3. idk why i started crying lmao this was the exact time pswald lost his father and failed the auditions this is so sad my heart hurt

  4. This manga is heartbreakingly beautiful from the art to the story. It is a very lovely love growing slowly in a warm weather. But at the same time so much pain in that period is projected out very smoothly. Thank you your beautiful translation. It helps me in deciding to finally buy the original work.

  5. ??!? is my baby dead? pls don’t kill our baby redheaded twink ily aaa also @/scansteam !! tysm for the translations i’m having so much fun on this website lmao

  6. thank you thank you thank youuuhh~~~ 🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺🥺💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕💕

  7. i love this manga! it’s so beautiful! but i’m already sad! is gene gonna die?! why wasn’t he the present (at the beginning) with Trevor?? what’s gonna happen 😭 i can’t wait for more updates! absolutely in LOVE with this story

  8. I hope all the way predictions about gene dieing is wrong. I hope they just went separate ways. If he dies that’s cliche and horribly sad pls gene must not die.

  9. Dear lord, every chapter of this manga feels like a punch to the gut.The exposition and art and the translation are all *chef’s kiss*

  10. Genes eyes are so beautiful, this manga makes me cry so much.
    Thank you translators you guys are amazing

  11. Thank you so much!!!!! Your translations are So. Freaking. AMAZING!

    I actually came from M*ng*g* because I didn’t know they STOLE this from you– I’m so sorry!!! I will be reading future updates on your website and I also reported the chapter on M*ng*g*!! ❤ Merry Christmas and if you don't celebrate then happy holidays!!!!! ❤

  12. I am legitimately scared. There has been no mention of ex-Amish Gene in the “present” day (nor any sight of him), and the study is a MESS!!! PLEASE tell me that he is okay!!! Tell me that he is simply staying somewhere else while the nephew is visiting, but that he is very much alive, they are very much still together and that they are VERY much still in love with each other and living happily!!!! I don’t want to cry and hurt… 😫😫😫😫😫

  13. Aw man. I’m excited about their relationship taking a turn but i’m really scared about what may happen with gene at the end ಥ_ಥ ty for the updates as always ♡

  14. What about the people that can’t afford to buy the raws? Will they no longer be able to read the full chapters? I did buy them tho, but I’m just wondering ’bout that ’cause I do find it a bit unfair to those who wait for an update from you guys and can’t read it completely because it’s locked, it’s kinda sad.

  15. I decided to buy the paperback book and idk if it was purposeful or not but the book smelled of vintage men’s cologne

  16. Hahaha the last little joke panel at the end of chapter five was so cute. I really hope that Trevor and Gene didn’t have a sad ending to their love story, but perhaps it’s inevitable. This author is really wonderful, and thank you so much for the beautiful translation work.

  17. thank you for your translations, the story flows beautifully with your translations that I cried reading the last chapter!! I’m anticipating next volume, anyone knows when it’ll be released??

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